These two unrelated look-alikes meet for first time

An online social media campaign called "Twin Strangers" helped one woman meet her Doppelganger for the first time.

Niamh challenged two of her friends in the campaign to see which of them could find their look-alike first. Using social media, submissions started coming in from around the world.

About two weeks into the challenge, Niamh met Karen-- a complete stranger with features so similar, they look closer alike than their sisters.

To watch the YouTube video directly:

Even though they received submissions from around the world, Karen was located in the same country, both living in Ireland.

Niamh's friends have some submissions as well, but not nearly the number that she has received.

Now others are posting their photos on the Twin Strangers Facebook page in hopes of finding their Doppelganger.

Click here to check it out. Maybe yours is waiting for you!