This new ZooTampa sculpture will melt in a few days

A new sculpture was unveiled at ZooTampa on Friday, but this isn't your average piece of art. It's called 'Melting Panthers,’ for good reason.

The wax sculpture of a momma panther and her cub will completely melt in a few days. It's to draw attention to climate change and how Florida’s rising heat affects our wildlife.

The CLEO Institute put on the display.  It is dedicated to educating people about climate change. 

They say Florida is the most vulnerable state to climate change impact. 

“We’ve got to be more resilient and plan for the future,” offered Dr. Brooke Hansen, USF’s director of sustainable tourism. “At USF, we’re revising our climate action plan right now. We’re also engaging in new forms of sustainability accounting and reporting.”

Three sculptures were made by Bob Partington, former host of the History Channel's "ThingamaBob Show.”

A similar wax sculpture installed in Miami last week and has almost completely melted. Another is planned to be unveiled in Orlando next week.