This season's stylish accessory? Face masks

If you haven’t noticed yet, facial masks are becoming more common.  What started as a simple safety measure has become a fashion trend for many wearers.

“I think it’s pretty interesting people are finding ways to express themselves through facemasks,” said Laura Verdina, who wears a tie-die mask. 

Largo’s Tia Lofton has turned making custom masks into a full-time gig. Her online shop, Majestic Plus, now sells Majestic Masks.

She was making clothing for plus-sized women; now she makes unique coverings for any and all. There are leopard-print masks, sports teams, superheroes, and many more. 

“This is my one of my order sheets. I have pages and pages of orders,” she told FOX 13. 

Lofton has churned out about 2,000 so far.  They can be bought with filters or without. 

“It is so scary what’s going on, but also to know that I’m trying to protect these people and I might’ve saved someone’s life, just one person. That’s so fulfilling,” she said. 

She has also made more than four dozen for the homeless, so they can be protected too. 

“Our homeless are so at risk and people have been giving them leftovers so I wanted them to get a quality product as well. I wanted to treat them like royalty,” Lofton said. 

Masks aren’t just for safety anymore, now they’re becoming, a statement. 

“I definitely look forward to wearing it,” Verdina said.