Thousands greet Trump at Lakeland airport rally

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With 27 days to go before the election, Donald Trump hit Florida hard Wednesday, with rallies in Ocala and Lakeland.

The line of cars stretched for miles as people waited to get into Lakeland Linder Airport, braving stifling heat.  The crowd was riled up by the time Trump arrived in his signature jet.

As thousands cheered, Trump doubled down on the strategy that won him the Republican primary.  There were no apologies or contrition from him about the audiotape of him talking about women.  He said it didn't seem possible that polls show him losing the female vote, because everywhere he goes he sees so many 'women for Trump' signs.

Trump is down in eight of nine swing state polls, including two in Florida, and is even tied in Utah, which is supposed to be a dead-red state.

The GOP candidate's numbers have to improve in Florida, but today, he made little effort to change his tone.  He repeated his promise to appoint a special prosecutor to look into punishing Hillary Clinton over the email scandal.

"She could do whatever she wants to do and they're not gonna prosecute. It's a total fix and it's a disgrace. This corruption is just one more reason why I will ask my attorney general to appoint a special prosecutor.

Trump repeated pledges to build a wall along the border with Mexico and that he would fix manufacturing, the environment, education, inner cities, the steel industry, and bring jobs en masse back to the U.S. 

He is doubling down on his insistence that America is broken, and Clinton is not the one to fix it.

"Folks, what's happening to our country is a disgrace," he continued.  "It's never happened before. She lied in front of Congress and I'm very disappointed in Congress -- in Democrats and Republicans -- if they don't find a way to do something."

Trump promises to do four to six rallies a day until Election Day. 

Clinton, meanwhile, was campaigning in Colorado today.  Her husband was campaigning on her behalf in the Bay Area yesterday.