Thousands wait in line for Irma food assistance

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Hundreds of thousands of people were left without power for several days after Hurricane Irma blew through last month.

On Sunday, thousands of residents waited in line for hours for a chance to replenish some of the food they lost during the storm.

Cynthia Khayat waited in line for almost 3 hours, but said it was well worth the wait.

“I thought we might be here for 8 hours, but it was only 2. It was totally worth it,” said Khayat.

A representative from the Department of Children and Families says the one-time food assistance program is to help families put food back on their tables after Irma.

“If they lost power, had food or income loss, or if their place of businesses was out during the story, this program is for them,” said D.C.F. spokeswoman Nichole Solomon.

More than 20,000 people in Pinellas County have been helped since Wednesday. Food for Florida will continue to assist families who qualify through Monday.

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