Three vehicles seen leaving scene of young man's death

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Cory Iwanski was just 20 years old before his body was discovered in his car behind this strip mall in Bradenton, on 53rd Avenue East. 

He was supposed to be heading out to watch the big fight Saturday night, but never showed up. 

Monday, his mother reported him missing. He wasn’t found until just after midnight Tuesday.

“I wish he was still here. He didn’t deserve what happened to him. It's a tragedy,” said close friend Jeremiah Gilmore.

“It is just hard on me. It's heavy on my heart,” another friend, Ravenn Gossett said.

Detectives aren’t saying how he died, but they released pictures of three trucks that were near the scene where he was found. They believe the drivers could have the answers they’re looking for.

“Some pretty good leads but we think one of these three cars will put us over where we need to be,” said Dave Bristow with the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies are considering the possibility that the killing was related to the illegal drug trade. Iwanski has prior drug arrests.

Meanwhile, his friends are trying to raise money for his family through sales of shirts and an online fundraising campaign.

“I wanted to make as much money as we can because when somebody passes and you’re not ready for it comes suddenly and funerals are expensive,” Gossett said.