'Timothy Initiative' helps struggling men get back on their feet

A Tampa group is focusing on mending broken men. The Timothy Initiative works to heal those who have struggled with addiction, homelessness, incarceration, and depression. 

"I came into these doors in 2015 and it just radically changed my life," said Michael Malpede, the director of The Timothy Initiative.

They plan to develop leaders with their mission that can be summed up in three words: Discipleship, Recovery, and Community. Through faith, their goal is to encourage leadership and recovery.

"I found Jesus here. I've been clean since May of 2015. I've had a very, very, rough rough past," Malpede said. "I was always in and out of jail. I went from overdosing back in 2008, to not thinking that I was ever going to make it, to God really really showing me his grace."

The organization helps those struggling re-enter society through trust and work therapy. Part of that therapy for some has involved home construction where they can "break down walls."

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"We do everything, from as little as landscaping, to as big as fully re-modeling houses," added Malpede.

The Timothy Initiative is currently operating three houses in the Tampa Bay area. They are used as emergency shelters, providing assistance in finding permanent housing, and teaching drug education.

"Life in the house is like hanging out with 13 of your best friends," Malpede said. "These are guys that I love, that I walk alongside with, that I live life with."

The Timothy Initiative believes the key to maintaining sobriety is community. Those seeking sobriety are encouraged to consider the program.

LINK: For more information, visit the Timothy Initiative's website.