Tiny feathertail glider laps milk from bowl smaller than a thumbnail

A minuscule baby feathertail glider, a mouse-like gliding mammal, was being taken care of by a wildlife rescue team in New South Wales, Australia’s, south coast region, this video from August 8 shows.

The tiny animal is seen living a life of luxury, wrapped up warm in a sheet and lapping milk from a bowl smaller than its carer’s fingernails.

Debbie Colbert was taking care of a number of the feathertail gliders. She told Storyful that they recovered seven orphans from a hollow log after heavy rain. She said that only four had survived but were doing well.

To become airborne, these cute furry Australian animals “hurl themselves” from trees with “legs outstretched; the flap of skin between front and back feet extending like a parachute,” according to wires.org.au.