From law enforcement officers to lovebirds, this Florida couple continues to protect and serve each other

Marco and Kim Velazquez love reminiscing about the early years.

"I fell for his personality. He’s also really good-looking," said Kim.

"When I first saw her I said, ‘ooh’ and it just developed from there," said Marco.

It was the late 1980s. Both were officers at the Miami-Dade Police Department. They first met while responding to a call and clicked instantly. It wasn’t long until their friendship blossomed into something more.

Provided by Marco and Kim Velazquez

The rest happened naturally and casually. He popped the question in April 1988 at the mall in front of a jewelry store – where moments before he bought the ring. The wedding wasn’t flashy either. Sweet and simple. Their close friends and family stood by as they said their I do’s on June 2, 1990.

"One of the things we promised when we first got married is to never go to bed angry. If that meant staying up all night to iron out our differences, we did," said Kim.

In their line of work, they see first-hand the dangers each day can bring, which is why they cherish every moment together.

"We never left the house without saying, ‘I love you.’ Never ever. Because we see it every day, we are losing officers," said Kim.

Provided by Marco and Kim Velazquez

And they follow that same rule with their son, who is a deputy with the Citrus County Sheriff’s office. The now-retired couple set the perfect example of what it means to dedicate your life to serving others both at work and at home.

"Marriage is work. Marriage is not one-sided. It’s supposed to be 50-50. And I think with us, it pretty much is," said Kim.

"It actually should be 100 percent and 100 percent. We each have to give 100 percent," said Marco.

Provided by Marco and Kim Velazquez

However, they add it up three decades later, and it's still working for these coworkers, turned friends, turned lovers.

"We’re a good fit. She takes care of me," said Marco.

"He’s just all-around perfect for me," Kim said. "He's my rock. And he’s still good-looking."