Top careers for new graduates

College students are back in class and many are getting ready to pick a major.  Choosing a path that pays off is not always easy, but experts say there are a handful of debt-free careers.

"Not all fields are booming," Kiplinger's David Muhlbaum warned.  "Not all fields are growing as quickly.

Kiplinger analyzed 784 jobs to find the 10 best jobs for the future -- positions where the most new openings are expected.

The winner: Medical sonographer. That field will grow by a third.

Next: Information security analyst. Hiring there will grow by a third too.

That's the general theme: opportunity abounds in health and technology.  The money's good too -- where demand for workers is high, so is pay.  Average salaries in these fields range from $60,000 to $93,000 a year.

"In some cases these jobs pay twice the average salary," Muhlbaum continued.

That's great news for recent college graduates who will walk across the stage holding a diploma -- and an average of $28,400 in student loan debt.

Knowing that, the University of Central Florida suggests a career in hotels, theme parks, or cruise lines.

In a study of its own, the Rosen College of Hospitality Management found that its alumni are paying down student debt far faster than other majors.

"Debt free in 6.2 years," the school's dean boasted.  "They have paid it all."

Dean Abraham Pizam says aggressive hospitality graduates pay off their student loans within two years.

How?  Graduates can make good money -- even as new hires.

The economy's improving, travel is up, and demand for hospitality managers is high.

"Eighty-eight percent of our students have a job by the first day after graduation, which cannot be said for many other majors," Pizam continued.

In addition to predicting the best jobs for the future, Kiplinger also found the worst.  It's suggesting you steer clear of these jobs:

Floral designer
Travel agent
Machine operator

Hiring and pay in these fields are expected to shrink.