Top Golf says St. Pete location will be unobtrusive to neighbors

It looks like the Bay Area will soon have a second Top Golf location – this time in St. Petersburg.

A vacant field at the Carillon Office Park will be transformed into a popular golf attraction, with eateries and plenty of entertainment.

The high tech driving range will be built in an area mostly zoned for business, but there are residential apartments and condos across the street, causing some residents and owners concern.

“The tee box would be about 100 yards from our porch,” said Jason Ray, who lives across the street.

In the long run, he thinks a Top Golf will be good for the region, though he's not sure about it being so close to where he lives.

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“Noise and neon lights -- Will I be having a party on my porch every night whether I want to or not?” Ray questioned. 

Top Golf says he won’t. Representatives said the design will have nearby residents in mind and will be much different than the location in Brandon.

The Dallas, Texas-based company says it's worked with neighbors to design better lighting, and will position the main structure away from the homes and condos.

They expect permits to be approved within a week, with the site opening a year after groundbreaking.