Torture-murder suspect refuses legal help

Notorious murder defendant Steven Lorenzo was defensive and combative in court Monday.

"You don’t have jurisdiction! I have exclusive jurisdiction over myself," Lorenzo proclaimed in court.

Despite repeated nudges and warnings from the judge, Lorenzo is sticking to his game plan to represent himself on two counts of first-degree murder.  He says he doesn't trust the legal system.

“It’s a conflict of interest,” he continued.  “The state is paying for everything. He's a Bar Association attorney like you are. You all belong to the same club, so no, that’s a conflict of interest.”

Hillsborough Circuit Judge Mark Kiser has concerns Lorenzo may be unfit to stand trial and wants a doctor to evaluate him, but Lorenzo has no plans to cooperate.

The judge encouraged him to talk to the doctor but Lorenzo appeared to shrug off the advice.

"I will not speak to that doctor," Lorenzo insisted.  "Whatever you say, it’s not going to work.”

Lorenzo and co-conspirator Scott Schweickert, prosecutors say, terrorized the gay community in Tampa Bay in 2003.  They say Lorenzo lured Jason Galehouse and Michael Wachholtz to his home in Seminole Heights.  There, prosecutors say, Lorenzo and Schweickert drugged, tortured, and killed them.

Last year Schweickert cut a deal with the state and got life in prison. Months later, Lorenzo was indicted on murder charges and faces the death penalty.

Jason's mother, Pam Williams, sees only one possible outcome for Lorenzo.

"He killed Jason and I want him dead. He doesn't deserve to be on this earth. I won’t be at rest until I know he's dead.”