Tow truck drivers honk their appreciation for TGH's team

A parade of tow trucks wound across Davis Islands last night, but there was no accident and no wrecked cars needed a tow.

Instead, the tow truck drivers were sending a message of thanks to the staff at Tampa General Hospital. The 6-day-old daughter of a member of the Tampa Bay tow family, Robert Reichold, is in TGH’s NICU unit.

He says the staff has taken her from near death to greatly improved.

"This is an appreciation,” he explained. “Being first responders ourselves, this was something to give back to TGH. We're out here, too. We know what's going on. We're out here in the fight."

Reichold's wife works at TGH as well.

The tow drivers also wanted to thank the hospital for their work and sacrifices during the pandemic.

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