Toxic mold shutters busiest Hernando County Fire Rescue station

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The busiest fire station in Hernando County is no longer being used.

Firefighters and paramedics working inside Station 4, which is located in Spring Hill, have been forced out after discovering a toxic mold infestation.

Deputy Chief Kevin Carroll says the discovery was made when a firefighter leaned into a wall in the station’s weight room and his hand went through drywall.

“It’s not safe to be here right now,” Carroll said. “This is not something you want to fool around with.”

Dep. Chief Carroll says lab results show the mold was caused by leaky showers seeping into the drywall over the past 25 years.

He says the community should not worry about fire and ambulance service being disrupted because they've relocated the two ambulances and one fire engine to nearby stations, in addition to what he calls roaming patrols.

“People should not be concerned; we've taken every precaution to make sure that we are still maintaining the highest level of protection that they've enjoyed all of these years,” Carroll said.

In the next week, the station will receive a modular, temporary station they are borrowing from Hillsborough County that will be placed in the parking lot of the unusable one.

The first responders hope to be back inside their station within six to eight weeks once renovations are complete.