Tracking app leads deputies to tablet suspects

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Working as a realtor often means a busy schedule. So when Robin Wentz had a second to herself Sunday night, she took advantage of it.

"I had an errand to do after an open house. I got there about 4:15. Ran in, did my errand. Was out in about 20 minutes," she said.

While she was inside the mall, two thieves broke into her car.

"I literally turned around to look to see what was going on and saw glass shattered in my back seat," she continued.

Wentz noticed her briefcase was gone.  Inside were her Surface computer and iPad.

"Those were my work tools so I was angry," said Robin.

When Robin realized her car had been broken into, she immediately called deputies for help. Then she placed another call to her son in Texas and he came up with a way to help save the day.

"He said, 'The more important issue is that you have your iPad in it, right?' Yes. 'You can use the app so we can find where it is,'" recalled Robin.

From hundreds of miles away, her son tracked the thieves using the "Find my iPad" app.

"I him on my speakerphone and he was relaying the directions to the deputy.  He said, 'All right, it's headed down south on 301. They're turning on Fruitville,'" she said.

Deputies with the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office caught up to Cristian Kali and Sofia Labbeurra. Inside the Miami couple's car, they allegedly found Robin's electronics.

"It is convenient. It's very helpful to our investigation," said Detective Diana Darby.

Detective Darby said it is important to safeguard your property and it's easy to download apps that help find them if they go missing.

"Know your serial numbers. Those applications are available pretty much on every platform. Take advantage of that," she said.

Robin knows she is lucky and hopes her story will help others.

"I am grateful no one was hurt in this. I am grateful I got my devices back," she added.

Deputies charged Kali with burglary of an unoccupied conveyance and Labbeurra was charged with providing false identification to law enforcement. The pair remains in custody with outstanding warrants from other jurisdictions. The investigation is ongoing and additional charges are pending.