Travel expert offers tips for traveling to the Caribbean

Dreaming of a trip to the Caribbean? Travel expert Christine van Blokland went aboard Windstar Cruises to show the best places to snorkel, to fly over the treetops and to wander the colorful towns on some of the stunning islands in the world.

Van Blokland's first tip for a trip to the Caribbean was to book a cruise rather than staying in one place for a week. She said not only will you get to visit more islands in the same amount of time, but you'll only have to unpack once. 

Her first travel pick in the Caribbean was St. Lucia, which has the National Park, Pigeon Island. Van Blokland said it's a gorgeous natural preserve to go zip-lining through a forest or take an aerial gondola. 

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She said the aerial gondola takes you up a mountaintop and then once it turns back around, it reveals an incredible view of the mountain. 

Next stop for van Blokland is St. George's in Grenada. She said this where adventurers get an incredible opportunity to do things like take a catamaran, snorkel or scuba at an underwater sculpture park. 

The sculpture is a grouping of children holding hands in unity, and she said it is ranked as National Geographic's Top 25 "Wonders of the World."

The Caribbean also includes the tiny island Bequia, which is only seven square miles. Since it's one of the smaller islands, you'll have beaches all to yourself and the clear waters to swim or snorkel in. 

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San Juan, Puerto Rico is another part of the Caribbean van Blokland said should be added to the vacation list. She said you can climb to the top of Castillo San Cristobal, which is still considered the largest fortress to be built in the Americas. 

In San Juan, you can also learn the history of how the British, the Dutch and the Spanish all fought for this territory. There are also opportunities to wander the beautiful streets with all their bright colors, explore the city wall and enjoy a little quiet plaza in front of the grand Cathedral. 

Last but not least, van Blokland suggests visiting Guadeloupe and Les Saintes. There is another fort to climb, but a French one – Fort Napoleon. 

It sits 400 feet above sea level with gorgeous and stunning views from the top of the bay.

Once you've climbed all the way up and all the way back down, there's a unique place called Torment d'Amour in Guadeloupe. The name means torment of love, and it's all associated with the legend of a wife waiting for her husband to come home. 

Van Blokland also said to make sure you pack three things for your trip to the Caribbean: Sunscreen, a good attitude and curiosity.