Trial date set for controversial Florida pastor

Pastor Terry Jones, the controversial Koran-burning preacher, finally has a trial date.

He will appear before a judge the third week of August.

As you may recall, on September 11, 2013, Jones was on his way to a Polk County park to burn 3,000 Korans. Jones said he wanted to commemorate 9-11.

FOX 13 secured what may be key evidence in his trial: Seven undercover surveillance videos shot by Polk Sheriff's Office deputies.

The videos show what Jones did at a McDonald's restaurant in Mulberry where undercover officers with video cameras were staged. The video also shows Jones being arrested.

During the trial, the state will likely rely on eyewitness accounts as well.

Jones' trial will center on whether or not he was illegally carrying a weapon the night he was arrested. You can't carry a concealed weapon openly.

The state and the defense agree that Jones' gun was visible for a moment when he reached for his car keys in the parking lot of McDonald’s.  Under the law, that appears to be permissible.

The prosecution will probably rest heavily on something else. The state says Jones intentionally carried his gun openly several times that night, an accusation Jones denies.

Jones is not having a jury trial. A judge will preside and likely make a fairly quick decision.

The entire trial is only expected to last about two hours.