Troopers seek driver who clipped student crossing street

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Emma Fraher is a lucky girl.

What happened to her Tuesday afternoon is a warning that school is back in session, and all drivers need to watch out around school buses.

"I felt like I couldn't move. I felt paralyzed," said the 12-year-old.

Emma is still shaken up.

"It was very scary for me," she said.

Tuesday, the 7th grader from Ellenton got off her bus. She was just a few blocks away from her home. Troopers said she ran across the road after the driver of a white mini van waved her on.

What Emma didn't know, was a black sedan was passing the stopped mini van illegally. As Emma got to the other side of the van, the car clipped her.

"I put my hands out forward to at least stop myself, and it got my elbow really bad," said Emma.

She said the car stopped for a second, asked her if she was okay and then took off.

State Trooper Ken Watson said Emma shouldn't have run across the road, but the driver is at fault.

"Everyone has been used to driving around without seeing school buses or children running across and into the roadway," said Trooper Watson.

Troopers said the driver needed to stop, no matter how little or big the incident seemed.

"We want to make sure we all understand school is back in session and we understand that the kids don't know the rules. It is our responsibility as adults- as drivers -to be on the look out," said Trooper Watson.

Emma's mom, Amy is upset, but glad her daughter is physically okay.

"We are adults driving; kids will make bad choices. We have to be there to watch and make sure they make better choices," she said.

As for Emma, she had her brother drive her home Wednesday.

The next time she rides the bus, she will be more careful to make sure she is safe.

"I will at least look both ways and if I see a passing car moving, I will try backing up," said Emma.

The vehicle was described as a black sedan, possibly a Toyota Camry, and has a possible Florida tag of 8120KS.

If you have any information on the vehicle or driver, you are asked to contact the Florida Highway Patrol at (941)-751-7647.