Two-year-old with spina bifida plays ball with Kansas City Royals

A two-year-old Kansas boy who was born with spina bifida was given a tour of the MLB’s Kansas City Royals’ Kauffman Stadium on September 14, after a video of him taking his first steps went viral last month.

Overland Park resident Roman Dinkel had been trying for weeks to walk with crutches. When he finally got the hang of it, he squealed with delight and followed his dog down the hallway. “Look, Maggie. I walking,” his family wrote on Facebook.

Speaking to local media, Roman’s dad Adam Dinkel said the family, who have been documenting Roman’s journey on Facebook, got an invitation to meet the team.

The Dinkel family met Royals’ manager Ned Yost and players Salvador Perez and Whitley David Merrifield and were given a tour of the stadium.