UCF police seek public's help in investigation

University of Central Florida Police are searching for a car which say matches the description of one that pulled away, after witnesses said a woman was pushed inside.  The initial call to 911 about the incident came in Monday night. 

“I’m on the fifth floor, and my roommate could hear the screaming from there,” said the caller. 

The student says she was looking out her window from the Tower 3 building on campus when she saw something disturbing down below, near Gemini Blvd. 

“It looked like there was a couple that came out of the car, a guy and a girl, and they were yelling at each other. I think someone got hit. And the guy got the girl to go down to the ground, put her inside his car and then drove away,” the caller explained. 

Now, police are trying to figure out exactly what happened to the woman and have released a photo of a newer model Ford Fusion or possibly even a Hyundai, which they say matches witnesses’ descriptions.  Police say at this point, they do not know if a crime was actually committed, but they are taking the case seriously.

Anyone with information is asked to contact UCFPD at 407-823-5555.