Uncoupling can be hard to manage

Moving forward after a break-up isn't easy.

Therapist Leah Benson, author of the book "Emotional Utopia,"  said uncoupling is almost never mutual.

"One person or the other feels wronged," said Benson.

She said sometimes couples just grow apart.

"There were things that the other person expected or that you expected that just don't work now," said Benson.

But there are ways to manage the break-up civilly. If you are initiating the separation, Benson said, "you want to have empathy for their experience and own your own part of the breakup."

Benson said those on the receiving end of the break-up "really want to let them know how hurt they are."

Both sides need to be adult about it. 

"Taking the high road and avoiding blame, taking responsibility and owning your part of this breakup whether you want it or not," said Benson.