Unpaid Death Valley park rangers spend hours cleaning filthy restroom

Two rangers at Death Valley National Park spent hours cleaning a filthy restroom during the government shutdown, and time-lapse footage shared to Facebook on January 16 shows its drastic transformation after their hard work.

The two-hour time-lapse, posted to the park’s Facebook account, shows two rangers gathering up trash, power hosing, sweeping the dirty room, and replacing the toilet.

According to the post, Death Valley National Park is using money from recreation fees to reopen parts that were closed because of the government shutdown.

“We greatly appreciate the generous contributions of park partners who have provided support during the lapse in appropriations,” Mike Reynolds, the park’s superintendent, said in the statement on Facebook.

“Their efforts have contributed significantly to our ability to maintain access and limited services to Death Valley National Park,” he added.

Video credit: Death Valley National Park via Storyful