Unsung heroes rescue stranded in Elfers Saturday

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Joe Vidalis and Kyriakos Papapanos grew up in Pasco County, so when they realized rain wasn't letting up after Hurricane Hermine came through the area Friday and into Saturday, they loaded their boat and headed to low-lying areas. 

Vidalis said certain areas always flood, no matter how much rain comes down. He and his friend saw more rain coming and wanted to give people living near the Anclote River a chance to get out before water rose even higher. 

LINK: Mandatory evacuations issued in Pasco County

Together, they helped around 15 people - plus two tiny kittens - make it to higher ground Saturday afternoon. 

One woman was reluctant to leave her home, which is where Vidalis and Papapanos found the two kittens. They convinced her there was no other way to leave and assured her they would not leave the kittens behind. Once she gathered her things and the cats, she loaded into their boat and headed out. 

Vidalis and Papapanos shot video along the way, as they rescued one family after another. The landscape looked like a river except for the houses and cars visible halfway above the water.

Vidalis told FOX 13, they never questioned whether they were going to help, and were glad they were able to make a difference for people who didn't seem to have another way.