Unwelcome gator hangs out under Haines City woman’s carport

For one Haines City resident, alligators are a common sight in her neighborhood, but one encounter was stranger than usual.

On Sunday, Janis Spaulding Dykes had her camera rolling as she watched one gator slowly make its way down a residential street in the Sweetwater community of Haines City.

She told FOX 13 there are several bodies of water in the neighborhood, where gators are seen. However, it’s unusual to see one walk right into a carport, and lay down outside a screen door – which is what this specific gator did, in spite of Dykes’ efforts to let him know he wasn’t welcome.

"No. Go away," she is heard saying in the video. "No. No. No. No. No!"

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It seems it may have gotten the message – eventually. Slowly, the reptile was seen walking away.

"Yeah," Dykes said. "Go away."