USDA: Trader Joe's wraps, salads could be affected by parasite

The U.S. Department of Agriculture has issued a public health alert for more than two dozen beef, pork and poultry salad and wrap products as a precaution due to possible parasite contamination.

The agency said the products are distributed by Caito Foods across the country. There are concerns they could be contaminated from cyclospora, which causes intestinal illness. The agency said Caito learned from their lettuce supplier, Fresh Express, some of the products included chopped romaine, which is under recall. 

They were produced between July 15 to 18 with either “Best By,” “Enjoy by,” Best if Sold By” or “Sell By” dates ranging from July 18 through July 23, 2018. The products have the number “EST. 39985 or P-39985” inside or next to the USDA mark of inspection.

They are sold at stores such as Trader Joe’s, Walgreen’s and Kroger. Consumers who have purchased the products are asked not to consume them. They should be thrown away or returned to the place of purchase.

Here’s a list of the items and where they were sold:
Wrap Roast Beef 4/9.5z – Gordon Food Service
Salad Chicken Caesar 4/7.5z – Gordon Food Service
Salad Santa Fe Chkn 4/8.75z – Gordon Food Service
Salad Chicken Caesar 4/7.5z – Caito Food Distribution
Salad Chef Ham&Trky 4/8.25z – Caito Food Distribution
Wrap Roast Beef 4/9.5z – Caito Food Distribution
Salad Cobb 6/12.5z -Caito Food Distribution
Salad Sm Grdn w/Chckn 6/11.7z – Caito Food Distribution
Salad Sm Caesar w/Chckn 6/10z – Caito Food Distribution
Salad Small Chef 6/9.2z – Caito Food Distribution
Salad Lrg Caesar w/Chckn 4/16z – Caito Food Distribution
Salad Chef 1/12z – Kroger
Salad Caesar Chicken 1/10.5z – Kroger
Salad Chicken Cobb 1/13z – Kroger
Wrap Chicken Caesar 1/12.3z – Kroger
Salad Trky Ovngld Cobb 1/12.25z – Kroger
Salad EvrRst Chckn Caes 1/11z – Kroger
Salad Chef Salad 1/14z – Kroger
Salad Czar & Chicken 1/9z TJs – Trader Joe’s
Salad Chin Ckn Inspd 1/12z TJs – Trader Joe’s
Wrap Chicken Tarragon 10z TJs – Trader Joe’s
WG SantaFe Salad & Chkn 1/11.5 – Walgreen’s
WG Asian Salad & Chkn 1/10.25z – Walgreen’s
WG Chicken Caesar 1/10.25z – Walgreen’s
WG Chef & Ham&Trky 1/11.5z – Walgreen’s

The CDC describes cyclospora as an illness caused by a parasite. It is spread when people eat or drink something contaminated with feces. Symptoms include diarrhea, loss of appetite, weight loss, vomiting, body aches and other flu-like symptoms. Sometimes, those infected with cyclospora don’t have symptoms.

Additional information regarding the health alert can be found on the USDA website.