USF move-in day leaves students, parents dripping with accomplishment, sweat

College move-in day means hauling in mini-fridges, making sure dressers are fastened on dollies, and lots of patience, because thousands of others are doing the same thing.

That was the case Thursday at the University of South Florida.

There was lots of excitement for students and, whether it’s their first or their last, many emotions for parents who left a piece of their heart at USF.

The school’s new president, Steve Currall was on campus to greet the new faces and promote a sense of community.

"These very strong bonds and support between our faculty and students, support among students, our alumni community is very strong. So it's really the community that makes this experience special," Currall said.

With a little more than 50,000 students, that's a pretty large community.

Junior Artavia Wilson's dad helped her move in for her junior year.

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"Oh, it's exciting! This is her third year and she's a straight-A student, so she's been doing all of the things we taught her - to be focused and do her best," Regional Wilson said.

And for the best experience, these move-in experts told FOX 13 how to make the first day go smoothly:

“Pack the night before,” one student said.

We hope he was kidding.

“Bring your own cart.”

“Bring a dolly, and make sure everything is in closed containers.”

“Definitely don't overpack.”

“Get here early and wear cool clothes.”

“Don't be sad.”

“Just go with the flow. You'll get there,” a parent said.

“She'll be moved in by the end of the day, and that's all that matters.”