UV patch tells you when to apply sunscreen

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To better monitor the amount of UV exposure you're getting, La Roche-Posay is offering My UV Patch.  

The stretchy, breathable, blue-checkered adhesive heart, contains photosensitive dyes that change color when exposed to sunlight.  Users can sleep, shower, wash their hands, swim, even put sunscreen over the patches. 

Using the free app, exposure is monitored in real time. Users scan the patch using the camera function on a smart phone, which analyzes the varying photosensitive dye squares to determine the UV exposure level. 

Levels factor in the user's personal data - phototype, skin type, location, and weather, adjusting for varying skin tones.  The app even suggests behavior changes to enhance sun safety.

According to the company, a preliminary survey of those using the patch reported improved sun safe behaviors.

La Roche-Posay says it will distribute 20,000 UV patches in drugstores and online, including a free online giveaway of 10,000 UV patches in July. 

The company's website says consumers will get one free patch with any Anthelios Sunscreen purchase, or two patches with any Anthelios Dermo-Kids Sunscreen purchase.