‘Van Gogh Alive’ exhibit at Dali Museum extended through mid-June

An immersive exhibit at the Salvador Dali Museum has been so popular that officials said Tuesday it will be around longer than planned.

On Tuesday, the museum announced its "Van Gogh Alive" exhibit was extended to June 13. It was initially supposed to close on April 11. 

This is the first immersive Van Gogh display in the country, which opened at the Dali back in November.

For months, visitors have been quickly grabbing tickets as they are released and filling time slots to see his paintings on an enormous scale. It’s brought to life through high-definition projectors, and synched to a powerful classical music score. 

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"It is fully immersive. It is a sensation you do not get from seeing art on a wall," marketing director Beth Bell told FOX 13 last year. "It’s not about the technology and using technology. It’s more about finding an innovative way to tell a story about art and the artist."

Tickets can be purchased on the Dali Museum's website.