Veterinarian explains: How to watch out for ticks

A tick bite can be lethal for both dogs and their owners. As summer continues, it is important to make sure that your dog is the only thing you’re taking on a walk. 

FOX 31’s Dan Daru spoke to Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald of Aladema East Veterinarian Hospital about the dangers of ticks. 

“Brush and scrub areas. That’s what they like. They are on the underside of the branches. As we come by, and brush against them, they drop off,” Fitzgerald explained. 

Next thing you know, they are on your dog. 

“They are bloodsuckers, OK, and so they get a blood meal, and the female can engorge 200 times her body weight," Fitzgerald continued.

At a minimum, they are a painful distraction. Problem solvers have now learned they can be lethal. 

“They can carry 12 different diseases that can’t be transmitted to dog pets,” said Fitzgerald. 

Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Lyme disease are just two of the possible diseases.   

“Ticks like it around the ear,' Fitzgerald said. "Inside, they like areas where they can get away. Underneath the ear folds. In the skin around the neck, underneath. After we go and exercise our animals, we should examine them.” 

There are certain precautions to take if you discover a tick on your dog.

“Pinch it right at the base of the skin where they are and pull it. Getting the whole tick, getting the whole head is important,” added Fitzgerald. 

He advises people to be careful. “Ticks can transmit diseases to people, too.”