Victim testifies against former Sarasota deputy accused of attempted murder

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An 80-year-old victim gave powerful testimony Thursday, saying over and over that Frank Bybee tried to kill her.

"All I remember is that Frank tried to kill me," said Marcia Sohl.

The defense was on damage control, trying to undermine the elderly woman's memory, but she wasn't backing down.

"I have the same memory of other 80-year-olds," said Sohl.

The defense tried to paint the victim as an elderly woman with a fuzzy memory due to the number of prescription medication she was taking.

"I may not remember what color a pill is but I do remember when you are nearly killed in two different fashions," said Sohl.

Bybee, a former Sarasota County sheriff's deputy, is accused of attempted murder.

Prosecutors say Bybee befriended the victim last fall and then broke into her home and tried to shove prescription pills down her throat to make it look like she committed suicide.

Prosecutors asked the victim whether she ever gave Bybee permission to use her credit cards or sign her personal checks.

Sohl said, "no never."

Sohl's neighbor, Sheila Stiles also took the stand Thursday. 

She recalled seeing the victim moments after the attack.

"What I noticed and stood out to me was the bruising around her mouth as it appeared swollen and not an inflicted-kind of bruise. I also saw the blood all over her nightgown," said Stiles.

The prosecution is expected to rest their case on Tuesday. The defense has not said whether Bybee will take the stand in his own defense.