Victim's wife emotional at accused DUI driver's hearing

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A fiery crash on the Veterans Expressway over the weekend ended two lives and destroyed even more families. Prosecutors say  Anwar Askar 54-year-old is responsible.

Askar was a no-show for his first appearance in court Tuesday. His attorney said he's still in the hospital recovering and asked the judge if Askar could do his physical therapy in Tallahassee where he has family.

But Glorimar Lanzo, whose husband Jesus was killed in the crash, was quick to speak up.

"I came all the way down here from Rhode Island to be here and I cant even see my husband. At least they have the privilege of seeing him and being with him and I can't see my husband's body because of the damage this man caused," Lanzo said.

Hillsborough State Prosecutor Barbara Coleman said Askar is suspected of driving drunk the morning of the crash, and then slamming into Lanzo's car.

Coleman asked a high bond be set for Askar.

"We have a witness that has Mr. Askar was going about 100 to 120 miles per hour before he crashed into the victim's vehicle. It was a very severe crash," Coleman explained.

The defense said Askar is a business owner in Tampa and promised the judge he was not a flight risk. In the end, the judge did give him bond, but let Lanzo's widow have the last word.

"I don't want him to leave. I want for everything possible for him to pay for what he did," pleaded Lanzo.

The Judge did release Askar on $200,000 bond with conditions. He won't be allowed to leave Tampa without the courts permission. Askar faces two counts for DUI manslaughter.