Video: Baby manatee nibbles on snorkeler's leg

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A very curious young manatee nibbled on a snorkeler’s leg during a tour of the Crystal River.

Captain John with the Adventure Center at Plantation on Crystal River captured video of the encounter about a week ago.

It’s widely known in Florida that humans are not allowed to touch manatees. It’s actually against the law.

But there’s nothing on the books about whether manatees can touch humans. This little guy definitely was not interested in checking any rule books before nibbling its way up the eco-tourist's leg.

But the snorkeler didn’t seem to mind. The manatee was likely just a baby, based on its size, and the water was shallow enough for the human to stand.

When the waters in the Gulf of Mexico are colder, manatees flock to the warm-water springs in Crystal River.

The Adventure Center’s manatee tours seem to offer up experiences like this one all season long.

Here's another example of a manatee nibbling on a human.