Video: California man attempts to break into home using doggie door

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A California woman was home when she heard the doorbell ring, then, suddenly, someone tried to get into her home -- through the doggie door.

Lexie Linberg’s surveillance system was rolling as the intruder creeped his way into her home through the doggie door. She grabbed a weapon and, with the help of her poodle, they chased him away.

“I was lying in bed, reading email,” Linberg explained to KGTV. “Then, I heard the doggie door flag…and my dog was lying next to me so I immediately knew I had a problem.

She said she ran onto her balcony that overlooks her backyard. That’s where she saw human feet going through the doggie door, and then she started screaming profanities and "Get out of my house."

“After screaming at him, I’m racing down the stairs with my dog, and we’re absolutely going for him at this point,” Linberg said. “I need to protect myself. Someone’s coming into my house to rob, to hurt me. God knows what.”

Her doorbell camera captured a clear photo of the intruder. Linberg said she did not recognize the man, and no arrest has been made as of Tuesday evening.