Video: Driver was using phone before overpass crash

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The driver of the semi-truck that plunged off Interstate 75 last week was indeed cut off by another vehicle, but video released by the Florida Highway Patrol shows he was also on the phone.

Samuel Colon Jr. told troopers last Wednesday that he was headed northbound on I-75 around 6:45 a.m. when another vehicle cut him off. He swerved to avoid a collision and slammed into -- then over -- the barrier wall along the side of the highway.

The truck slammed onto Fowler Avenue below, spilling its load of recycled debris across several lanes.  Two vehicles driving along Fowler were damaged by the debris before troopers could close the road.

Colon, 49, was taken to the hospital with serious injuries.

Troopers say they still have not located the other vehicle, but they released dash-cam video from the truck showing the car swerving in front of the truck, apparently while merging.

However, the dash-cam also recorded Colon using his touchscreen phone, repeatedly looking down at the device in his lap in the moments before the crash.  He was cited as a result.

Troopers are still hoping anyone with information about the other vehicle in the crash will call 813-631-4020.