Video evidence against suspended Hernando commissioner released

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A video released to FOX 13 by the Hernando County Sheriff's Office reveals new details about the apparent relationship between Commissioner Nick Nicholson and two women he allegedly paid for sex.

Nicholson has been charged with patronizing sex workers and running a brothel. He was also suspended from his seat on the Hernando County Commission.

The video, which apparently shows Nicholson driving two women and one of their husbands to a pain clinic to buy pain pills, is part of the evidence against. him.

In the video, Nicholson argues with the women over sex and drugs.

"Stay the hell away from me. I don't want to see you," he yells.

The recording was apparently made by the husband of one of the women.

Nicholson, who was driving when the video was taken, was arguing with a woman he previously allowed to live at his home, as long as she would have sex with him, investigators say.

"You have a couple living in your house. I can be with somebody if I want to be with somebody," one of the women says. 

He responds, "Yeah, you can, I don't have to give you any money."

Documents say the women knew they were dealing with a veteran member of the Hernando County Commission.

"You don't scare me. I am going to [expletive] your life up," said one of the women.

"Go ahead," Nicholson responds. "Go ahead [expletive] my life up. I don't care anymore."

Deputies say they staked out Nicholson's home and interviewed witnesses - including the women - before charging him. 

The women claim Nicholson was paying them for sex, not charging them rent, and even let other men come to his home to pay for sex with the second woman in the car, Valerie Surrette. 

Surrette says she also had a money-for-sex deal with Nicholson. She told FOX 13 News last month why she came forward.

"The reason I cooperated with the investigation is because I never want to see this happen to a younger girl again," Surrette said then. "He is 41 years older than me."

The video of the car ride was submitted into evidence. 

"I am not going to have sex with somebody I hate," Nicholson said. 

"I hate you too," the woman responds.

At one point, it appears one of the women punches Nicholson. Deputies wrote in documents Nicholson was not seriously injured.

The paperwork also shows a third woman said Nicholson met her while she was working as a stripper.

She denied she was paid for sex, but said he had enlisted her to hold campaign signs for him while he ran for office.

Nicholson's attorney has not yet returned FOX 13's request for a comment, but Nicholson wrote a letter to Gov. Scott saying he was in the process of getting help.