Video: Man leaves baby on train to smoke; train takes off with baby on board

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Officials say a man will not face any charges after leaving a baby, in its car seat, on a train while he stepped outside to smoke a cigarette.

It happened January 12 at the Wildermere Station in East Cleveland, Ohio.

Multiple surveillance videos from the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (GCTA) show the man walk into a stopped train car and putting a car seat onto a train’s seat. Another man can be seen sitting in an adjacent seat.

The video, which was edited before it was released to the media, cuts to show the baby’s caretaker walking toward the door at the back of the train car. The timestamp on the video shows about five minutes have passed, during which time the man who was in the adjacent seat has moved to sit closer to the baby.

As the baby’s caretaker walks away, he looks back several times.

The timestamp on the video shows about a minute elapsed between the time the man stepped off the train until the time the doors close.

The man who sat near the baby begins running toward the closing doors to alert the baby’s caretaker that the train was about to leave.

But he was too late. The train pulled away with the baby inside.

Officials say the man started to panic and tried to get the train to stop. Video shows the baby's caretaker running alongside the train as it pulls away. Inside the train car, several people eventually gather around the baby.

Transit officials were alerted about the unaccompanied baby and ordered the train to go back.

The baby and the man were reunited. He is not facing any charges.

FOX 13 News reported on this story from Tampa, Florida.