Video of Tampa teacher juggling dead frogs has activists upset

Animal activist group PETA is outraged over video of a Tampa teacher juggling dead frogs.

"Behavior that makes light of the suffering and mutilation of animals, particularly in front of impressionable young adults, is both callous and irresponsible," said Samantha Suiter, PETA's science education specialist.

The Sickles High School teacher who juggled the frogs is Anthony Leotta. The animals were to be dissected in class.

Apparently some students were nervous, and it was his way of easing their fears.

The video was recorded months ago, but has resurfaced as part of PETA's call to action.

"PETA is calling on state officials to ban animal dissection in light of the video we released today," said Suiter.

In a letter to the state, PETA said modern computer dissection programs are actually more effective for students.

"Dissecting animals is a thing of the past, Suiter said.

"It was obviously inappropriate," school district spokesperson Tanya Arja said.

Arja said the teacher in the video was given a verbal reprimand by the district and the principal. He's still employed, and presumably still doing dissections.

"There is a value to our students in the curriculum. So as of now, that will continue," Arja said.

Sophomore Lindsey Evangelist dissected a frog last year at Sickles High School. She said she was OK with it.

"It was a hands-on activity and I thought it was much better than doing it online as a gizmo, because you don't get the full effect as you do dissecting it in real life," she told FOX 13.