Video: School bus drivers through deep floodwaters in west Illinois

A driver on May 29 drove a school bus with children on board through floodwaters that reached over the hood of the vehicle in Monmouth, Illinois, according to local reports.

Superintendent Edward D. Fletcher of the Monmouth-Roseville School District released a statement saying that the incident was “not acceptable behavior for any bus driver” and that “the situation is being dealt with per our school district policy.”

“We are happy to report no water entered the bus and no students were injured,” said Fletcher. “There is no logical excuse for this type of action. All drivers of vehicles know the dangers of driving through standing or running water. We would have expected the driver would have applied that knowledge and followed their training.”

This footage was shot by Trista Louise, who also shot additional footage that shows other motorists trying to drive through the flood zone and getting stuck.