Video: Shirtless man hangs on to moving cars

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Gainesville Police said they are investigating viral video which shows a shirtless, shoeless man hanging onto a hood of a moving car.

A viewer shared the video with FOX 5 News of the man dangling over the side of a moving car, hanging on to the windshield wipers.

Viviana Deyette, the driver of the car said the man came out of nowhere and kept yelling about the danger he was in.

“He was yelling that they are shooting at them and I didn’t know where he had come from and I thought someone was actually shooting at him. He kept yelling at me to drive,” said Deyette.

Gainesville Police said the 17-year-old drove several miles with the man hanging on to her hood until she was safe.

“She was able to keep a clear mind to get to safety, get to where she knew there was other people so she did the right thing;” said Sgt. Holbrook with Gainesville Police.

Sgt. Holbrook said many people called 911 about the weirdly acting man, who before he was recorded had shut down traffic with his erratic behavior. That happened along Highway 129 near the Motel Six where police said he was staying.

“He was running back and forth in the roadway, was jumping on cars was banging on cars, again officers had an issue getting to the car because traffic was at a dead still,” Sgt. Holbrook said.

FOX 5 News did not show his face or reveal the man’s face because he was taken to a hospital for a mental evaluation when he was taken into custody.

Police said they found drug paraphernalia on the man who they suspect he was hallucinating on drugs when picked up.

Sgt. Holbrook said the 37-year-old could also face criminal charges.

“Criminal charges may be possible in this case there was damage done to this car as well as other cars from this individual,” said Sgt. Holbrook.

Viviana Deyette, the driver of the car, hopes the man who took an unwanted ride with her gets the help he needs.

“I mean I think he should end up somewhere where he would get the mental health and the help he needs,” said Deyette.

Gainesville Police said no one was injured in the series of bizarre incidents.