Vigilant social media user helps nab suspected bank robber

Face-down on the pavement, Heather Warstler's two-day bank robbery spree came to an end Saturday. 

Deputies say the 31-year-old's first target was the Chase bank in New Port Richey Friday afternoon.

"She passed a note to the teller and left with an undisclosed amount of money from the bank," said Kevin Doll with the Pasco County Sheriff's Office.

That note, according to deputies, claimed that a man with a gun was holding her kids, and was demanding money. 

"We got a good picture of her in the bank, along with the vehicle she was driving, and we put that on our social media platforms."

Deputies encouraged their Facebook and Twitter followers to be on the lookout. But within 24 hours, they say she struck again.

"The next day we had the same type of incident occur at another bank, not too far from the first bank," Doll said.

One mile away, to be exact; a Bank of America. They say Warstler passed the same note, demanding $2,000, and driving off with the cash.

This time, though, a Good Samaritan recognized her. Doll says the man saw Warstler pull out of the bank driving erratically. He realized it was the black car from the sheriff's office's social media posts.

"And he started to follow this woman, and called 911, and report to the operators at 911 where she was located, and where she was driving," Doll said.

But as deputies closed in on her, she fled. 

"She ran through red lights," Doll continued. "We had to put out stop sticks and deflate some of our tires."

That finally stopped her in her tracks. Deputies charged her with fleeing to elude and driving with a suspended license. They say they're thankful social media helped solve the crime.

"Citizens are our ears and eyes; we do thank this citizen for getting involved," Doll said. “Allowing us to track her quicker and take her into custody quicker."

Warstler remains in the Pasco County jail on a $10,000 bond.