Vinik's Tampa development will focus on health

Lightning owner Jeff Vinik’s Channelside project is drawing support from former President Bill Clinton.

The $2 billion project will be designed to promote public health and could serve as a design for cities in the future.

"One that would be good for our campaign against climate change and good for health of the people that live in the building and walk the neighborhoods," said former President Bill Clinton.

At his annual Clinton Global Initiative meeting in New York, Clinton announced the 40-acre mixed-use development will wind up being the world's first "Well Certified City District.”  That means the buildings' designs and layouts will be focused on public health and wellness.     

"We think accomplishing well certification in our district will position Tampa as a global leader in health and wellness," said Jeff Vinik.

Mayor Bob Buckhorn called it a great day for Tampa. He says the health focused plan will help the city as a marketplace and will attract young professionals.

"We're positioning Tampa and downtown Tampa to be far more competitive than it has ever been and it helps us brand our community as forward thinking city that is not relying on old technology. We're thinking outside the box," Buckhorn said.

The first phase of the development is scheduled to begin next year. It should be completed within five years.