Volunteer hopes photos help Pasco pets find forever homes

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Space is tight at the Pasco County Animal Shelter, with more than 300 cats and dogs waiting to find a forever home.  Now, one volunteer is taking a creative approach to accelerate the process.

Ana Reeves is using the art of photography to showcase the animals and their unique qualities.

"There's so many benefits to this. I mean, I'm bringing them into homes, hopefully," said Reeves, "I'm getting them out of their cage, I'm giving them that one-on-one attention."

Fall flowers, beaded necklaces, bows, and decorative boxes are some of the props Reeves brought for Thursday’s photo shoot.

"For a cat, I just want that initial pose, that striking one, because they have such amazing eyes."

Over the years, the shelter has received an influx of animals, and overcrowding is an issue.

“There’s been a massive boom in Pasco County over the past five years," said Spencer Conover, assistant director of the shelter. "The county is growing like crazy -- new buildings, new businesses everywhere. And with that comes animals into our community."

Reeves hopes her high-quality, detailed photographs, make an impact.

"I figured I can do that, I can try to find an animal a home by a picture.”

LINK: To find currently adoptable pets, click over to the shelter's website: www.pascocountyfl.net/408/Animal-Services