Volunteers help families with basic necessities

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A volunteer group of Good Samaritans is helping once-homeless families transition to security by providing household items to those in need. 

Pam Stamey founded Home Makers of Hope. She understands getting out of poverty takes a hand up, so she started helping those suffering hardship or returning from homelessness with basic household furnishings and items like linens, kitchen wares and more. 

"We didn't realize how big a problem that was here in the Tampa Bay area," Stamey explained. "A girlfriend and I got together and we started changing that."

Change began eight years ago when Stamey, a homemaker at the time, and her friend launched their two-person mission, which has grown into an army of volunteers.

"The reason why people come back to volunteer is because it's so rewarding," Stamey said.

Quickly and efficiently, donated furniture, bedding, pictures and kitchenware make a Tampa apartment a home again. The home makeovers are made possible through coordination with various social service agencies.

"We have done hundreds and hundred of homes and we still have 50 families on the waiting list now," Stamey said. "They are basically sleeping on the floor. So we come in, we shake hands and then we sort of take over the household for about an hour and a half."

"Using your gift to help others is so easy, and so fun, and you go home tired, but you know you've done something amazing that day," Stamey said.

For more information about what Home Makers of Hope does, visit www.homemakersofhope.com.