Vote-by-mail ballots now available in Florida

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It's time to start thinking politics. Primary Day in Florida is on August 28th.

On Tuesday morning ballots will be mailed out for anyone who requested them in Hillsborough County.

Expect at least half of the people who vote in the primary will do so by mail. That number was 52 percent in 2014.

That year, there were few competitive statewide races. This time, there are seven relatively strong candidates battling for Florida governor, five Democrats, two Republicans.

The candidates who win will likely be the ones who are able to identify the most reliable voters and then persuade them to their side.

But in the general election, early voting was more of a factor with only 35 percent voting by mail.

You have until August 22nd to request a ballot by mail in Hillsborough County. In addition, there will also be 19 locations you can cast an early ballot in person starting on August 13th.