Warner University trying to create protective 'bubble' against COVID-19

Professional sports teams are doing it. Now, a Polk County school is trying the same approach to ward off COVID-19.

Warner University is trying to create a protective "bubble."

“What we have tried to do is create our own safe space, our own safe community,” University President Dr. David Hoag said.

Anyone who wants to come on campus has their temperature checked at the front gate first.

Before students returned to school, they were tested for COVID-19. The six who turned up positive were sent home to recover. Plus, students are being tested randomly and must their temperature checked every morning.
“I get up early for my temperature checks, but my classes don’t start until 11 a.m., so I might go back to sleep,” said Devin Frost, a junior.

Many days, Frost has his temperature checked a second time because he plays baseball and all athletes have their temperature checked before they practice or play.

Students are required to wear masks when they cannot socially distance.

“Since we have been wearing masks since March, it became second nature for most of us already,” said GiGi Hernandez, a sophomore.

The university has canceled big gatherings, is socially distancing at outdoor sporting events and only allowing 40 spectators, but no outsiders, at indoor games. It also strongly recommends that students who live on campus don’t leave.

University spokespeople admit it’s not a perfect bubble, but nothing is. The school does have several hundred commuter students who do travel back and forth. The goal is to have a COVID-free community at least until their Thanksgiving break.

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