Watch a 1,465-pound pumpkin fall from 80 feet -- onto a minivan

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Six months of hard work came crashing down for a man from northwestern Minnesota.

Charlie Bernstrom spent hours each day on his oversized pumpkin, but over the weekend, he watched it go "splat" in a matter of seconds.

Earlier this month, it weighed in at 1,465 pounds at a large pumpkin contest.

So what did Bernstrom opt to do with his enormous gourd?  He decided one lucky person would have the opportunity to pull a release to drop the plump pumpkin on top of a minivan -- all for charity.

Folks in and around Lancaster started showing up to make sure they got a seat close to the splat zone.  The honor of bidding farewell to the pumpkin went to a 2-year-old, who aptly observed, "big pumpkin!"

After strategically making sure the minivan was in place for a direct hit, the pumpkin was hoisted 80-feet into the air, then, boom!

"Seeing all the people here enjoying it, it's a good ending to the season," Bernstrom offered.

All the money raised goes to the Kittson County Literacy Council.  Their mission is to provide free books and literacy resources to children in the area.