WATCH: Bodycam footage shows aftermath of deadly Largo gator attack

Newly released body camera footage from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission shows the aftermath of a deadly gator attack from last September in Largo that took the life of 41-year-old Sabrina Peckham. 

A report by FWC gave insight into what may have led up to the deadly encounter.

According to the report, Peckham who was transient at the time, was staying at a campsite just a few yards from the canal where this gator was later located and killed. In the video, you can hear the moment an officer pulls the trigger and can see the rifle used by one of the officers to kill the alligator.

Back in September, FWC was called to the canal near 134th Avenue North and 121st Street North in the Ridgecrest community of Pinellas County after a man walking by saw a gator with what appeared to be a body in its mouth. FOX 13 spoke to him that day. 

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 "I noticed it had a body in its mouth, like a lower torso, so once I saw that, I ran straight to the fire department and got them, they confirmed it was a body," Jamarcus Bullard said at the time.

FWC said Peckham was living in a makeshift campsite 35-45 feet from the canal. According to the report, it’s not clear when Peckham came in contact with the gator. The report says there were no signs that the alligator had been in the campsite. 

It said Peckham’s family last saw her the day before. At the time, she didn’t show any signs that she had been in the water or came in contact with the gator. However, a park ranger said in the report that he believes he saw her walking around the canal a week prior.

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FOX 13 spoke with Peckham’s daughter, Breanna Dorris, at a vigil for her mother back in September.

"It's surreal, but I'm super grateful her community can pull together in time like this. It shows we have an amazing support team behind us in times of tragedy," Dorris said.

Pictured (left to right): Breanna Dorris and Sabrina Peckham.

FWC officers taped the gator's mouth and rope and chains to pull it out of the canal where they measured it to be 13 feet and 9.5 inches long. It eventually had to be cut open to remove some of the remains.

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The canal where it was found, known as McKay Creek, connects Ridgecrest Lake and Taylor Lake. The FWC said gators have been known to use the canal to travel between lakes. 

Pinellas County has since put up fencing and signs to keep people away from the canal.


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