Watch: Chain-reaction crash injures two on Interstate 75

A driver’s rear-facing camera caught a scary rear-end collision on Interstate 75 Monday. Florida Highway Patrol Troopers say it was caused by a driver who failed to stop behind a line of cars stopped for traffic, just south of the I-275/75 split.

Five vehicles were involved in the crash and two drivers were seriously injured.

FHP says the driver of a white Monte Carlo failed to stop behind several exiting cars, that were stopped on the shoulder. The Monte Carlo hit a white Dodge Ram, which was “violently” pushed into other vehicles. 

After the impact, the truck began to spin, swiping the side of a white Ford Focus and then a red Dodge Ram, and then hit the back corner of a gray Volvo, before landing in the grassy shoulder.

The video shows the Monte Carlo, with its front end in shambles, fly past the scene of the other crashes in the grassy shoulder. FHP says the vehicle landed about 300 feet away in a ditch.

The driver of the Monte Carlo and the driver of the white Dodge Ram suffered serious injuries and were taken to the hospital.

Investigators say the Monte Carlo’s tire marks stretched about 315 feet from the initial crash.