WATCH: Dog saves buddy that fell into pool

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When a pup fell into the backyard pool, his doggy friend stepped up to help and the incredible heroic act was caught on the family's surveillance camera. 

The two friends, Remus and Smokey, were out in the family's backyard in Mesa, Arizona when suddenly, Smokey fell into the family pool. 

The pup's owner, Laurie Becerra, said her husband, Jay, was in the house for a few minutes and the pups must have come through the fence.

Smokey can be seen treading water while Remus, obviously alarmed, paces back and forth, trying to get Smokey to swim over to the stairs. 

After a few unsuccessful attempts, Remus jumps in after Smokey and uses his body to push Smokey out of the water. 

Smokey is seen reaching up out of the water and using his paws to help pull himself out with Remus' help. 

The couple praised their hero pup. He may "be a crazy pup, but he's got a heart of gold," they said.