WATCH: Florida woman gifted with identical childhood doll

A Florida woman who had to leave many of her treasured childhood items behind when her family emigrated from Colombia to the US was shocked into tears by her husband on Christmas Day when he managed to find a collector’s item of one of her favorite dolls.

Laura Mejia, who lives in Orlando, shared a video of the moment she opened her gift, and realized it was Tina — a Cabbage Patch Kid Doll “who came with a bathing suit, snorkeling mask and floaties.” Meija owned her own version of Tina as a child but was forced to leave her in Colombia at the age of 10 when her family left for America.

She recognized the doll immediately, and through her tears managed to explain to her friends what the doll meant to her.

“I had to choose between two of my dolls, and I had to leave her behind, and I was so sad,” she sobbed. The video had over 4,000 views on Facebook and 956 views on YouTube.